Sunday, July 20, 2014

Camping Knits

I admit, I am not a camper. Bugs, bears and no plumbing do not appeal to me. However, I really enjoy hiking, canoeing and the quietness of the outdoors (especially having a break from all things techy).

In a couple of weeks, my family will be "camping" in Michigan. By "camping" I mean we will be staying in a cabin with electricity (hurrah!!!) by the lake, but will have no TV. I am very very excited about this new experience partly because of the knitting I plan to do on the journey north and while at this cabin. In planning for this trip of knitting, I started thinking about knits that would be great to have handy while in the woods, especially up north.

So here are my picks of knitwear to make or wear while camping. The cozy styles, rustic fibers and earth-tone colors were primarily what drew me to these designs.

Accessories for you:
Barley by Tin Can Knits
Colorblock Mittens by Meg Roke
Earl Grey Mitts by Bristol Ivy
Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by Tante Ehm
Rae by Jane Richmond

Sweaters for you:
Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer
Antler by Tin Can Knits

Camp Hoodie by Susan B. Anderson

For kids:
Towpath Henley by Andrea Sanchez

Abate by Alicia Plummer
Cosy (you) by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne
Arlo by Michele Wang

For your feet/legs:
McIntosh Boot Socks by Jennifer Burke
Fair Isle Slipper Boots by Andi Smith
Some Cloudy Day by Tiny Owl Knits
Camping by Cabinfour

What will I be knitting on my camping trip?

I am still hoping to finish my Cosy sweater in time for the trip. I just have the sleeves and buttonband to do. However, my progress has slowed down with the arrival of yarn for two upcoming designs (both through different yarn companies and both due before the end of August). So I may be working finishing up Cosy during the trip. I also have the Sand and Sea Shawlette on the needles. And lastly I plan to cast on a hat for an upcoming Akron Stitch 'n Bitch swap. Lots to do!

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