Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Morning at the Tate

Some experiences in life are planted firmly in your memory and cannot be shaken. I can remember on a trip to London, more than 15 years ago, walking up to the Tate Modern thinking, “I’m not going to like this. It’s modern; no way will I like this. Modern art is not art.” 

Boy was I wrong! I can still picture how dark and dingy the exterior looked and how industrial the interior felt. That morning visit at the Tate changed my view on art forever. The warmth and boldness of the paintings and sculptures moved me then and inspire me to this day. 

After that I began to see irregular shaping and construction everywhere, even in quilts, which led to my love of Denise Schmidt quilts and fabrics. Modern meets charm. Love it.

Morning at the Tate is a scarf which features irregular strips of color stacked together at varying lengths apart (much like my beloved DS Quilts). These bursts of color are what really give the scarf punch, energy and an urban feel. 

This unisex scarf is part of a vibrant collection of designs from Dragonfly Fibers. Masterpiece Knits is exploding with fifteen energetic and atypical designs all inspired by famous works of modern art. How gorgeous is that cowl on the cover? It is called Modern Lattice from the ever talented Andi Smith. 

Morning at the Tate uses three different colors of Pixie yarn (a single ply fingering weight merino wool) from Dragonfly Fibers. In the book, you will see a version with a variegated yarn for the main color (Blue Morning Glories) and a bright (Weaverknits Grellow) and neutral (Silver Fox) for contrasting striping.

However, this version features the neutral for the main color (Silver Fox) and a bright (Weaverknits Grellow) and a variegated (Blue Morning Glories) for the contrasting colors.

Lucky knitters, there is a Morning at the Tate KIT contest via Stash and Burn podcasters. Definitely check out Nicole and Jenny's podcast if they are new to you - always a fun listen. Hop over to their Ravelry group for all of the details on how to win this gorgeous kit.

Until next time... happy knitting!