Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little Birds Everywhere!

Last August, two of my patterns were published in the Knit Now Magazine: Little Birds Tunic and Little Birds Beret. Since then, the rights have been returned to me and I am happy share the freshly published patterns featuring one of my favorite yarns: Chickadee.

This was the original yarn I had intended for the project. However, Quince & Co yarns are not as accessible in England as they are in the USA.

The Little Birds Tunic was reknit in Egret, Glacier, Bird's Egg and Apricot. I shipped this sweet little dress off to my friend for her newest bundle of joy.

My friend's daughter, Ruby, is the model for the beret. Pinks and browns are more her colors, so the Little Birds Beret was reknit in Petal, Pomegranate, Twig and Apricot.

I'm a little behind in my blog (surprise!) because I have been so busy on the designing front. The Little Birds Tunic was re-released in April and the Little Birds Beret was just re-released in May. Both are available on Craftsy, Etsy and Ravelry.

I think there was something in the water this past winter/fall, because I know a ridiculous number of women who are expecting this summer! Lots of baby shower knitting happening here! Are you working on some little knits for your friends and family? If so....

As a fun little bonus, I am offering a discount of $2.00 off when you purchase both the Little Birds Tunic and Little Birds Beret through Raverly.

Happy knitting, all!