Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweater #6: Miriam Cardigan

Sweater #6 is the Miriam Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hodge.

What a wonderful pattern! I love how she writes her patterns, very clear and simple. The style is just as simple with clean lines and a flattering silhouette.  I was so worried that this sweater would not fit, because I tried it on just before picking up the stitches for the collar and it was very snug. I have yet to lose my remaining pregnancy weight, but thankfully this baby blocked like a dream. The finished product fits me perfectly!

Speaking of blocking...

No one is a perfect knitter, at least I hope not. We all make teeny tiny mistakes (and sometimes big ones too) that can be fixed with some aggressive blocking. Since I am far from perfect, I will share one of my many mistakes with you, but this one did not get fixed with blocking.  While finishing up the back part of this sweater, I noticed that I had accidentally increased early on. Since this was a simple stockinette stitch section, the increase stitch stood out like a sore thumb. So rather than ripping it back (the inch and a half of rows) I simply dropped the stitch and said to myself that I would be able to make that work with a little bit of wet blocking. I've done it before and usually it all works out fine in the end. Well as you can see, nothing changed. Luckily, this error is on the back. So at least I won't be reminded of it. 

The cardigan was knit with a favorite yarn of mine, Quince and Co.'s Chickadee yarn. Chickadee is a springy sport weight yarn made of 100% American wool. I love, love, love this yarn. And lucky me, I have an extra skein! I used exactly 7 skeins, even though the pattern called for 8. If you plan to make this, get the extra skein, because I was not exaggerating when I said "exactly." I think I may have had one yard left over. 

Don't you just love this soft pink? It's called Dogwood. It truly does remind me of the center shades of pink on Dogwood blossoms.

I started this sweater in the end of April, but then put it down to make Emma's 4th of July sweater. Sweater # 6 was actually completed on July 1. I tried so hard to finish it by the end of June, but ran out of steam. My husband was very sweet (knowing how disappointed I felt) and said that since his first work day of July was not until Monday (July 2), that meant that Sunday was still June to him and therefore if I finished it on that day, it still counted as June. Very sweet.

6 down, 6 to go.

Next up? I think this little one for my son. It's his turn.

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