Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Host a Successful Knit-Night

This week, I hosted the Akron Stitch 'n Bitch knitting group. Throughout most of the year, we meet regularly at a local craft studio (Craft Akron), but during the summer season, our schedule shifts a little, meeting every other week and at various locations (local parks, friends houses, wineries, etc).  I really wanted to make this night a little more special (more like a party and less like our weekly meet-ups) and tossed around many ideas before settling on a menu of snacks, drinks, and a special game with prizes.

I made sure to have a range of treats from healthy to super evil. The knitting-nerd in me came up with a very silly (but fun!) game too. I whipped up a list of 8 of my favorite yarns and gave my fellow knitters a chart to match each yarn with the correct corresponding yarn company (for example, Cascade - 220). To give them a little extra processing time, I also labeled each of the treats with the yarns and after everyone arrived, the game began. The first 3 people to correctly identify the companies with their yarns won a prize.

Oh! What did they win!?
Why, yarn, of course! I admit I did a little destashing on my friends. I gave away one (whole, unused) skein of Quince & Co.'s Chickadee, Berroco's Ultra Alpaca Fine and (a very very special skein because it's my friend's company) Black Diamond Alpaca's Chewbaca.

The game was a hit! But then, who doesn't like acquiring more yarn?

Alas, I was so busy having too much fun to take pictures during the party, but I did snap a few of the food.  Here is what I made:

"Cashsoft" Cashews

"Eco Duo" Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

"Springvale Merino" Spinach Dip (w/ veggies)
"Baby Cashmerino" Blueberry & Lemon Pound Cake - from Cooking Light
"Puffin" Puffed Pastry & Brie
"Kochoran" Kisses (Hershey)
"McClellan Fingering" M&M's
"Chickadee" Chocolate Cake - from America's Test Kitchen (it's actually called, "The Best Chocolate Cake Ever" and it couldn't be more true!)

Yes, those are supposed to look like knitting needles, but they came out a bit wonky.

My daughter "testing" the dip.

So what are the secrets to hosting a fun and successful knitting party?

Provide the following:

1. Wine

2. Fun cheese

3. Chocolate

4. Yarn

That's it? Are you sure? Shouldn't I clean my house?
 No. A clean house? Why bother? All will be distracted by the food, wine and yarn.

Shouldn't I create a special Knit-Night playlist on iTunes?
Whatever for? Your friends will be making their own music with the clicking of their needles and laughter from all of the funny stories shared. In fact, I found myself sporadically turning down the music throughout the evening.

Do I need to organize a game?
Of course you don't need to, but man is it fun when you do! Go easy on yourself,  and just do a raffle prize or tape a piece of yarn under on of the seats to have only 1 winner. Oh how my brain is spinning with ideas for the next knit-night at my house!

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