Saturday, July 7, 2012


My little girl is currently taking her first ballet lessons this month. To celebrate her developing dancing skills and feed into her love of all things related to Angelina Ballerina, I made her a tutu.

The pattern is from Oliver +S: Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson.  This book is so sweet, full of darling little sewing projects for children, such as a Little Red Riding Hood cape, penguin backpack and dress for an American Girl doll (among many other projects).

My local library happens to carry a copy, thus giving me the opportunity to page through it and make this project for Emma.

There are dozens of tutorials for making tutus available online (and believe me, I looked at most of them). What I like about this pattern is how sturdy and durable the final product is due to the rows of basting the tulle and the double layer of ribbon.

Emma's tutu is layered with 2 shades of pink, 1 white and 2 shades of yellow tulle with 1.5 in wide yellow satin ribbon. Although I had a tricky time keeping the gathered tulle and ribbon layers lined up nicely, the tutu still turned out okay. My zig-zag stitch wasn't working correctly so the only alteration I made in the execution was to use an edge stitch when the directions suggested using the zig-zag.

The whole project took less than 1 hour (with multiple infant/toddler interruptions).

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