Sunday, December 9, 2012

Warm Up Your Wine

Ah, December! Tis the season for holiday parties and hostess gifting. What do you like to give your party host this time of year? My go-to is usually a bottle of bubbly. Nothing says celebrate like sparkling wine!

Rather than place my gift in the same old store-bought gift bag, I thought of something a little more festive this year.

My bottle of Prosecco was looking a bit bare. You know what he needs?  (Yes, he)... a holiday scarf and hat!

How cute and cozy are these fellas now? I challenge you not to smile when you receive or give some vino all dressed up! I hope I'm not the only one to spread the festive cheer this season.

Conveniently, you know how to knit. So why not make a Warm Up Your Wine set for your bottles too?

Here is my Christmas gift to you...

Warm Up Your Wine

Knit Picks Swish DK yarn (or any DK weight yarn) in the Hollyberry, Peapod, and White colorways (the entire set - 1 cowl, 1 scarf, 2 hats with pom-poms- takes about 25-30 yards)
Size US 6 needles (dpns for hat, any kind for the scarf and cowl)
1 button
sewing and tapestry needle
1 stitch marker

22 sts /4in in stockinette stitch pattern in recommended needle size

Cowl: approx. 6.5 in (length) and 1.5 in (width)
Scarf: approx. 17 in (length) and 1.5 in (width)
Hat: approx. 2 in (height) and 2 in (width)

CO - cast on
CC- contrasting color
k2tog- knit 2 stitches together
MC- main color
st(s)- stitch(es)
st st- stockinette stitch
WS- wrong side
yo- yarn over

CO 8 sts in MC.
Knit in st st (knit all sts on the right side and purl all sts on the wrong side) for 2 rows.
Change to CC.
Knit in st st for 2 rows.
Change back to MC and continue striping as established until cowl measures 6 inches ending with a WS row with MC.
Buttonhole row: with CC, knit 3 sts, yo, k2tog, knit 3 sts.
Purl 1 row.
Change to MC and knit in st st for 2 rows.
Bind off and weave in ends.
Attach button. Block, if desired.

CO 8 sts in MC.
Knit in st st (knit all sts on the right side and purl all sts on the wrong side), changing color with CC every 8 rows until piece measures 17 inches (13 stripes).
Bind off after 13th stripe.
Weave in ends.
Block. Scarf sides will curl regardless.

Using dpns and MC, CO 22 sts, divide over the needles.
Place marker for start of round. Join to work in the round.
(Knit 1, purl 1) repeat across the round.
Repeat last round for 5 rounds total (about 1 inch).
Change to CC and knit all sts for 3 rounds.
Change back to MC and knit 2 rounds.
(Knit 1, k2tog) repeat to last st, knit 1 [15 sts].
Knit 1 round.
(K2tog) repeat to last st, knit 1 [8 sts].
Break yarn leaving a 6 inch tail.
Thread tail through live sts, pull tight and secure.
Weave in ends.
Block, if desired.
Attach pom-pom if desired.

Merry Christmas!!!

xo Meg


  1. Those are adorable!! Now I need to go buy some wine to dress up!!

  2. If you had made him a sweater (and kept that sweater in the house), you totally could have called that number 12. Just sayin'. The scarf and hat are super cute, though.

    1. Ha ha, that made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Amy.
      Ever the wise one!

  3. How do you do the mini-pompom?

    1. Here is a great video tutorial on how to make a pom-pom. ( For the mini pom-pom, I wrap yarn around 2 fingers (my index and middle fingers held close together) about 25-50 times, depending on how fluffy you like your pom-pom. Follow Jane Richmond's directions (securing, trimming and attaching to knitting)and you will have a cute little pom-pom!