Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Feel Famous

A couple of months ago, a fellow Raveler and blogger, Nataly Alves from the Knit by Nat blog, contacted me requesting to feature one of my patterns on a new segment of her blog called "NOT Knit by Nat." She said that this would feature great designs from budding designers who had to meet her list of criteria including (and I quote):

  1. Less than 10 designs published on Ravelry by the designer
  2. Less than 100 “hearts” on the design to be featured
  3. Nice photographs
  4. Fabulous design
Her objective was to highlight some great designs that people might not otherwise see. And so my Cable Rimmed Cap design was selected! I feel incredibly flattered and am overwhelmed with excitement right now!

Check out Nataly's post and be sure to visit her blog site again and again!