Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who says you can't knit with a newborn in the house?

Somehow, and for heaven's sake don't ask me how, I managed to knit SOMETHING while caring for a newborn and toddler in the past couple of weeks. No idea how this happened, but it did... and man does it feel good!

Doing anything with a newborn OR a toddler around is a challenge, let alone both. Here is a picture of me attempting to knit 3 years ago when my now toddler was a newborn. I didn't get very far with this...

...and of course the cat didn't help.

Three years later, here is what I finished the other day.

I think my multitasking skills are improving, wouldn't you agree? Of course it helped that the project was wonderfully simple and repetitive.

The pattern is called Botanical Cowl. It is a slim,  lightweight and drapey cowl with a simple double  eyelet pattern. There are instructions for a short cowl and a long one. I opted to make the long one using Three Irish Girls' McClellan Fingering yarn (stash buster!) in the Waterlilies colorway.

I love this yarn. It is so soft, smooth and an absolute pleasure to knit with. Plus it blocks beautifully and is terrific for lace projects. I last used this yarn to make the Springtime in Philly beret.

Now back to sweater knitting...

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  1. Looks like the cat is more of an obstruction than the baby! IMPRESSIVE!