Friday, April 13, 2012

What do you do when you can't knit?


You buy yarn.

And here is what I bought...

The anticipation is building!

No surprise that I ordered from one of my all-time favorite yarn companies: Quince & Co.

This is their Chickadee yarn, a soft, smooth and springy sport-weight yarn (100% American wool). I adore this sweet pale pink shade, called Dogwood. Eventually it will be turned into this:

Miriam Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge
I'm not the only person to benefit from my Quince order. A lucky knitter from my knitting group will be receiving these at our next swap.

Lark (worsted weight) in Frank's Plum and Crocus
And I also couldn't say no to this when I came across it on a Ravelry stash page.

It is Schoppel-Wolle's CrazyZauberball. a whopping 459 yards of fingering weight yarn (wool/nylon blend) in the colorway Flussbett to be transformed into this:

September Circle by Melissa LeBarre
I have been knitting, just very very little and very very slowly. I am about 4-5 inches into my Shadow sweater, which is requiring more attention than I able to give to it right now, so that might be on hold for a few months. Not giving up (I rarely stop a project for more than 2-3 months), just letting it rest while I start a more mindless project in the mean time. 

So the plan is to start the Miriam cardigan for me and also get going on Acacia for Emma (with stash Knit Pick's Comfy Worsted in Serrano Red). And when I need a break from sweater knitting, I will cast on the September Circle.

I have to admit that I foresee happy knitting in my future!

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