Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweater #3: Ready for Spring!

Ta da! Sweater #3 is complete.

I am writing this with such satisfaction right now. I know that the three sweaters I have made for 2012 are all children's garments and therefore do not take long to make, but I'm still completely psyched that they are done and have all turned out so cute.

The Spring Garden Tee, by Alana Dakos, is wonderfully written pattern. I love how she writes her pattern instructions because they are idiot-proof. I mean that as a big compliment! I need idiot-proof instructions right now. Preggo brain + rambunctious toddler + very little sleep = not "all there." This particular pattern has color coded sizing (so cool), frequent stitch counts and overall detailed instructions.
I chose to make the size 3 tee and knit to the length of the size 4, because Emma is tall and has a long torso. Worked out beautifully. I did not bother to knit the edges with a smaller needle because I used a size 3 circular needle all along, small enough for my taste and necessary to get gauge.

Emma's tee was made with Sublime's Organic Cotton DK yarn. I will not be purchasing this yarn again anytime soon. It's a shame because it is so soft and is available in lovely subtle colorways, but the plies snag on just about everything. On a positive note, it did block nicely leaving me with an even and smooth fabric (with the exception of some of those snags that I could do nothing about despite my tugging).  

By the way, Emma is going through an "Angelina Ballerina" phase at the moment (hence all of the twirling).

Sweater #4 is on the needles. I doubt I will get it done before Baby #2 arrives, but until then I'll keep plugging away at it.

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