Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tortoise and the Hare

Something miraculous happened in 2010.

Both of my best friends became pregnant almost simultaneously. Wonderful news, don't you think? The only problem is that I just moved out of state so I won't be there to help out. You know, to tell them how beautiful they look (even when they think like they look more like the Goodyear Blimp) or to push them around Babies R Us to show them all the great and not-so-great gadgets that I used with my baby. It kills me that I am missing out on this experience with both of them. I was even afraid I'd miss one, or worse, both of the their baby showers since I live so far away now! Tragic, right?

Fortunately, both of my friends, Jessica and Eleanor, have super thoughtful families, who agreed to host both baby showers on the same weekend. This means I get to attend and shower them with hugs, belly patting and, of course, baby gifts! They are each getting some baby registry items, but since I am a knitter, I also made them each a knitted gift. Both Jess and Elle knit, so I couldn't make a baby blanket or a sweater since the mommies are planning on making some themselves. So I decided to make toys. And here they are. Please say hello to... the Tortoise and the Hare.

Jessica's Patchwork Tortoise is made from Knit Pick's Shine Sport yarn and Eleanor's Carnaby Rabbit is made from Knit Pick's Swish Worsted. This was the first time I'd tried the Shine sport and I must admit it was a pleasant surprise- very soft, sturdy and the plies did not become loose (which I find can happen easily in a cotton based yarn). The Swish Worsted yarn is a good standby for knitting kid-friendly items. It's machine washable (need I say more?), soft and oh yeah, machine washable!!!!

The bunny's ribbon is not permanent (I'm think I might get a soft green ribbon to match the feet), but I was so excited to finish this project today that I had to show you immediately. He looked like he needed a little more color too. I plan on making the carrot and (possibly) the basket too before I take them on the long drive to Pennsylvania. I don't know if you can see it or not, but there is a super fluffy tail on the back of the bunny. Here is a better view, sorry for the dark picture...

Both toys were quick knits. HOWEVER (!!!!!), both required a LOT of seaming. So beware! If you hate seaming, you may not want to tackle these projects. That being said, if you can tolerate seaming at all, they are worth it.  The turtle, I'm sorry to say, was made up of 42 parts. That's right. I said 42 PARTS! The patchwork shell is made up of 34 parts alone.

Get the picture?

Like I said, totally worth it. I'm so happy with the outcome. I hope my friends will be too!


  1. Hi Meg - I love the Carnaby Rabbit pattern! I've been looking to buy it everywhere but it's not longer available sadly. Would you happen to still have the pattern I could use? Would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Alyssia, I just looked around online and had no luck finding it either. I sent a message to the designer asking whether she is no longer selling it and if I could send you my file. I'll let you know once I hear from her.

    2. Alyssia, I heard back from Amanda Berry, who has approved my sharing the pattern. I will need your email address. You can either send me a message via Ravelry (my username is Mooch) or you can email me at

    3. Hi Meg - not to worry, I spoke to Amanda and she sent me the file. Thanks for your help though!

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