Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweater #4

Warning: I am about to do a little bragging for a sentence or two.

I am on a roll! Two days ago, I finished my fourth sweater in less than a month! Yes, the first 3 sweaters were children's sweaters, but the fourth one is an adult-sized one! Plus (and this is an impressive factor) I did this while super pregnant!

Okay. I am done. It is out of my system now.

Now, on to the details of sweater # 4...

Last summer, I took advantage of an amazing sale at a not-too-local (an hour away) yarn shop, KNOTS- Knitting on the Square, and purchased Berroco's Ultra Alpaca Fine yarn (in the Pea Soup Mix colorway) with this sweater pattern in mind. 

After months of reading project notes on Ravelry and yarn reviews, I pondered whether the Featherweight Cardigan would be a flattering sweater for my curvy figure. I know from experience that Hannah Fettig, the designer, writes exceptional patterns, always so clear and fuss-free. However, I had just had a somewhat disappointing experience with her Contented Cardigan recently and was concerned I might be headed in the same direction: sizing issues.

Well, I bit the bullet and dove in. My swatch gauge was 23 stitches/ 4inches, very close to the 24 stitches recommended, and I really liked how blocking softened the fabric and smoothed the stitches. While knitting the garment, a top-down/seamless construction, it seemed to me that the sleeves were mighty large. I was having flash-backs to my Contented Cardigan's wide sleeves, which I've never been happy about, and debated for days whether to finish the sleeves and live with the result or to re-knit them and alter the pattern (which I don't like to do).  I even asked my husband's opinion, a rare occurrence when it comes to knitting, and he recommended a do-over.

So here were my modifications:

  1. I added 2 inches to length of st st section on the body before ribbing (total length of back from underarm = 13 inches).
  2. After the 1st decrease on each sleeve, I decreased 2 sts on every 7th row until 52 sts remained, then knit in single rib for 2 inches. This makes a slimmer sleeve - much needed. 

I chose to knit the collar in stockinette stitch as shown on the model in the pattern pictures. The designer recommends a single rib stitch as an alternative if you don't want your collar to curl. I have spent way too many late night hours examining other knitters' finished products and decided that the stockinette stitch collar is much more interesting even with a little curling.

And I couldn't be happier with the end result. It fits so well, lays nicely (beautiful drape from the alpaca blend yarn) and the sleeves are much more flattering!

My 3 year old kissing my baby belly:) 

I am due in a few days, so I think it is safe to say that I won't be making sweaters for a little while... or at least I won't be finishing a sweater anytime soon.

On my needles: project A and project B, so stay tunned! 


  1. Project A makes me want to knit another cowl! I only have one more to go in the challenge, and then I might knit the one you linked to! I'm on a cowl jag!!!

    1. You totally should, Amy. I like how the cowl pattern gives instructions for both a short and a long cowl. I'm going to make the longer one since I have the yardage for it.