Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a bit of sewing

When you're in a crafting slump, what gets you motivated and inspired to pick up your tools, dust of your creativity and get to work? For me, seeing other people's fantastic finished products gets my creative juices flowing.

This past week, a couple friends from my local knitting group had taken a sewing course at Craft Akron and each walked away with a beautifully constructed and quite adorable tote. Both friends chose cheerful coordinating prints (one even used a pocket from an old dress!) and after seeing these creations in person, I couldn't help but feel inspired to dust off my Mom's old sewing machine.

So here's what I accomplished over two mornings of sewing this week:


Both projects are really for my daughter and both patterns came from the addicting One Yard Wonders book.

The "Beanbag Booster Seat"  was made from oilcloth I had picked up at The Sassy Tassel in Litiz, Pennsylvania (a seriously charming little town with some decadent cafes and terrific shoppes) last summer when visiting my Mom. I had bought this fabric with this project specifically in mind and for whatever reason it took me a whole year to make it.

The "Not-Ugly Trash Bag" was made with Michael Miller fabric - love his prints - picked up from the same shop in Litiz. I have to admit that this project was super easy but made both my head and bobbin spin out of control toward the end. The bobbin would not comply when sewing a box stitch on the straps (to the seam on the bag itself). So what should have taken maybe 30 seconds of active sewing took 30 minutes. The final product is okay... just okay. I'm not happy with how the straps are attached to the seams and I think I should have used the contrasting (striped) fabric for the straps instead of the owl print, but hey... you sew and learn. That's life. 

The bag is not fulfilling it's purpose as a trash bag. Instead, I have stuffed it with toys and crayons and books to entertain my toddler in the car.

And the booster seat?

Well, let's just say that somebody reeeeeeeeally likes that:)

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