Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm obsessed...

...with Quince & Co. Yes, totally obsessed.

Quince & Co. is a yarn and pattern company based in Portland, Maine. They sell yarn that is 100% American wool- aka everything is sourced and spun here in the States. That's a nice change isn't it? The thinkers behind this brand are none other than the famous Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge.  Aside from selling American-based yarn in yummy colorways and offering fresh, wearable designs, wanna hear the best part? Everything is affordable. Oh yeah, I said affordable. For example, their worsted weight yarn, Lark, is only $6/ hank (134 yards)!

I've had the pleasure of knitting with their bulky weight yarn, Puffin, and worsted weight yarn, Lark. Puffin survived a terrible battle with me. I knit a sweater three times (yep, that means I frogged it 3 times too!) and then made a poncho and the yarn held up beautifully. I' m currently wrapping up the Castle Pullover in Lark (in Storm) today. And I have to say this yarn is soft, springy, and a dream to knit with. What can I say, I'm in love.

Okay, back to the obsession part. So, here is how I know that my love of this fabulous yarn and pattern company has evolved into obsession:

1. I check their website daily (that's right, I said daily) for updates on patterns (even though I already receive the company newsletters with updates in them) and to peruse the enchanting pictures of all of those beautiful hanks in so many gorgeous colorways.

2. Looking at the crystal clear photographs of the yarn is like yarn-porn. I can't get enough. It has a powerful pull that makes me come back again and again fantasizing about all of the beautiful projects I could make with each of the six different yarns.

3. I joined the Quince & Co. Ravelry group... oh... and I check that daily too.

4. When I received a reply email from the company after inquiring about some out-of-stock colorways, I moved the email to a special folder just because I couldn't bare to delete anything written by Pam Allen. Yes, Pam Allen, is in my inbox permanently.

5. I have a very concise plan to order yarn from Q & C once a month for the next six months (husband permitting, of course) . And here is what I plan to make:

I know this isn't a Q &C pattern (It's actually called Whale Watch Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn from New England Knits) but I plan to use Tern yarn to make it. I have wanted to make this hat ever since I first saw it in New England Knits. Happily, my mother gave me the book for Christmas. So I think it's high time I make something from it.

 I also plan to make Carrie Bostick Hoge's Bergen Cowl with Lark (which  I can tell you from experience is a heavenly wool).

... and hopefully I'll get around to this Kilkenny Cowl by the fabulous Pam Allen using Chickadee yarn.

I might push this one off until the Spring. The Emma Shrug (naturally I have to make this because of the name) is made with their most recent yarn addition, Sparrow, a 100% linen in a natural color. So popular that they sold out and had to restock!

And I'm pretty sure my daughter, Emma, needs to have this in her fall wardrobe - knit in Chickadee, a sport weight wool.

And since she's getting a hat, why can't I? Jared Flood's Laurel pattern is calling my name... to be made in Lark (in Peacock), I believe.

So, are you getting the picture? Obsessed. Totally obsessed.

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