Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gansey Kids

This week, something big happened. Big. HUGE! Gansey Kids was released on Ravelry and Etsy.

Gansey Kids is collection of ten patterns inspired by traditional ganseys. Does this mean you are going to see a classic fisherman sweater on every page? Absolutely not. This is 2016, so the designs in this e-book reflect many of the gansey characteristics on current styles fit for the present day.

Patches Pullover and Patches Cardigan
Coastal Capelet
Whitby Vest
Filey Vest
If you are a knitter, then you likely already know all about ganseys or at least would recognize one if you saw it, but for those who are new to the subject, let me paint a little picture for you. Ganseys (or guernseys) are fisherman sweaters from the British Isles, which were knit for male family members for practicality and sometimes for income. There are many characteristics associated with ganseys such as the square-shaped body, all-over textured stitch patterns, underarm gussets, etc. These features made the handknit pullovers both wind and water resistant - rather important for the fishermen.

In this collection, you will find five accessories for children and adults and five garments for children 1-12 years. Some designs, like the Cullercoats Cap and Whitby Vest, are more traditional in color and construction, while others, like the Coastal Capelet and Broadside Mittens, are a bit more modern with bright colors and current shapes. 

Fisherman Mitts

Inshore Cowl
Inshore Legwarmers
Cullercoats Cap
Broadside Mittens

Gansey Kids can be purchased on Ravelry and on Etsy for only $18.00. It is a 54-page document that has been professionally written, professionally photographed, and professionally tech-edited. All of the garments have schematics.  All of the patterns include links for special techniques.  As I said before, there are TEN patterns in this collection. So that means each pattern costs only $1.80. Yes, you read that correctly. Only $1.80 per pattern. Quite a steal if you ask me! So what are you waiting for? Get started on your fall knitting NOW. Make a Cullercoats Cap for everyone in the house. Knit a matching pair of mittens for your kids.

I hope you'll keep checking back on the blog the next two months because I have some BIG things in store! Yarn reviews! Pattern reviews! Yarn giveaways galore! Knit-a-longs! Prizes! And more!

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