Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Radishes & Rosebuds

Last month, I released a new pattern: Radishes and Rosebuds. I came up with the idea for this kerchief while gardening last summer. It's taken me a while to publish it, but never the less, here it is! I'm sure it won't be a surprise to read that once I made a kerchief for me… Emma requested one too.

This kerchief is construct much like a shawl. It is worked flat from the top center outward. A sliver of contrasting color is worked just before the garter stitch edge. The same contrasting color is used to make petite polka dots all over the body of the work using duplicate stitch. Three finishing options are included in this pattern: seamed angles (to create zero additional ease), an I-cord “bridge” (to create 1” positive ease) and I-cords ties (to create flexibility in length).

I chose Spud & Chloe's Fine yarn particularly for its overall comfort when transformed into fabric. Fine is a sturdy and springy yarn. It is comfortable to wear, machine washable and is resistant to daily wear and tear, perfect for a kerchief worn while gardening. 

Emma's kerchief was knit with the colors Sassafras and Calypso. 

Mine was knit with Snorkel and Dolphin. 

My original swatch featured Cricket and Tutu. 

Which colors would you make your Radishes and Rosebuds in? I'd love to see your color combinations.

 Oh, bonus! My pattern was recently featured on the Spud &Chloe blog too! Read about it here.

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  1. very cute ...j'aime bien ce petit bonnet :0)