Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Highland Square Scarf

Have you seen this?

Scarves Etc. 2014 is a beautiful collection of scarves, shawls and cowls from Quince and Co. with contributions of designers from all over... including one from me!

This is the Highland Square Scarf

The Highland Square Scarf is a long (75.5") and skinny (5.5") scarf inspired by a nearby neighborhood. Highland Square is a small community just a few blocks from my home in the city of Akron, Ohio. It is known for its eclectic shops, diverse population and artsy vibe. The people who live in this community move to their own beat. They can often be seen bustling in and out of the vintage clothing store and record shop or lounging outside the local cafe, taking in the atmosphere.

The scarf, much like its namesake, has bright, bold features and an energetic feel. The body of the scarf features a large herringbone colorwork pattern in gray and off-white with a garter stitch edge along the sides to keep it from curling. The body is sandwiched by a garter stitch “cuff” in a bright contrasting color. The scarf is worked flat from the bottom up.

I love the soft color scheme featured in this design. I've never really been one to lean toward bright and bold colors, but that yellow garter stitch cuff has just enough punch to wake up and balance out the soft and sleepy gray and off-white used in the body of the scarf.

The scarf is made out of Lark, which has 134 yards of worsted weight 100% American wool in each skein. It is soft and squishy and warm. I had toyed with the idea of using Chickadee (sport weight) and even swatched it too.

Chickadee is on the left (in Egret, Twig and Apricot)
and Lark is on the right (in Egret, Kumlien's Gull and Carrie's Yellow).

Chickadee completely changes the feel of the scarf. It makes the fabric much lighter weight and more likely to curl (to curl or not to curl, that is a good question). Why am I telling you all about my yarn indecisiveness? Because everyone has different preferences in the process of knitting and the finished product. In the end, Lark was still my number one choice for two reasons:

1. I prefer a squishy warm scarf against my neck.
2. Who really wants to knit over 75 inches of colorwork in sport weight yarn on size 4 needles when you can do it worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles?

However, if you prefer a lighter scarf and don't mind the extra knitting, try making Highland Square Scarf with Chickadee.

Whichever yarn you choose, I do hope you choose to make this scarf nonetheless. It is modern and stylish without being fussy or complicated. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to destash or for even more fun... go yarn shopping.

Happy knitting!

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