Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Creatures Great and Small

This week I am wrapping up my current project, the Stripe Study Shawl. As soon as one project comes to a close, I start lining up the next one. Don't ask me why, but for whatever reason I cannot stop stalking and queuing patterns of adorable little creatures, such as...

Loopy the Sheep
Hopkins Penguin
Bunny Girl
Little Oddment Hedgehog
Teddy Bear
Army of Caterpillars
Daphne and Delilah

Plus, I still have my eye on those adorable snuggly big guys from the Purl Bee.

Big Cuddly Bunny
Big Snowy Owl
I guess I still haven't learned my lesson from knitting (what felt like) a zillion toys for Emma just a few years ago. That toy-knitting-bug has bitten me again.

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