Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Silly List

Here is a list of some very silly knitted items that I want to make. And yes, I am fully aware of how silly looking these things appear, but I don't care. I want them anyway.

Lamb cuffs

These little mitts are so stinking cute! I know I would look a bit ridiculous in them, but I'm thinking that my 3 year old might be able to get away with it.

Leg warmers

Oh! Oh, how I love leg warmers! I wish wish wish that leg warmers were fashionable, but I will not be that girl who tries to make them popular. Come on people, knit leg warmers with me! They are like super cozy sweaters for your legs! How awesomely comfortable does that sound? I want to make these, and these, and these too ( oh! and how about these also?).

Alice in Wonderland Mittens

Like the Lamb Cuffs, these would probably look more appropriate on a kid rather than a thirty-something. But who cares? I like 'em!


Puff Daddy, Puff Mama and Puff- pillow (who really should be called puff baby) should reside somewhere in my home... permanently.

Awkward Garments

The Shaped Capelet with Braided Cables is so beautiful and yet looks completely awkward. I think it would be a wonderfully cozy garment to wear while not moving your arms, but when would you not move your arms? While sleeping? Sitting still for long periods of time? Yeah, I have 2 kids, so sleeping and sitting still for long periods of time are a bit on the rare side.  Another awkward item: Flap Happy Hat (those pom-poms rock but would sooooo get in the way)

Hmm, I wonder what other silly things I should add to my list?

Do you have any silly knitting in your future? Do share!

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