Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday organization

Don't you just love when two of your favorite things are molded into one? For me, blending holiday decorating and nerdy organization is like a little taste of heaven.

I came across the Christmas card wreath on Martha Stewart's website this fall and knew instantly that I had to make it. I'm one of those lucky people who is blessed by receiving tons of Christmas cards (not complaining- seriously, I love them, keep them coming!) but has zero place to put them.

This craft couldn't be easier. All you need are some clothes pins, an enormous embroidery hoop (which are super cheap, by the way), glue (the directions say to use wood glue, but I used a hot glue gun and it turned out fine) and a ribbon. That's all.

Here is what my wreath looked like on December 2.  I added a few non-holiday cards to help balance it out and create the effect of what it might look like later.

And here is what it looks like today, December 15.

Clearly, I should have purchased a bigger hoop!

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