Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strawberry Pillow

Finished Emma's first Strawberry Pillow this afternoon. I say first because there are definitely more to come! I have enough fabric to make 4. So I'm thinking Emma might not be the only little girl to receive one.

The pattern comes from Purl Soho's blog, the Purl Bee. To make 2 strawberries, you need 1 1/2 yards of print fabric and a 1/2 yard of solid green fabric for the stem/leaves (plus green thread, embroidery floss and lots of fiberfill).

I will admit that I had difficulty sewing the top and bottom parts of the stem together. The templates do not match up neatly, that is because of the ease allowed for slightly stuffing the stem/leaves. However, this does make (in my experience) sewing the parts together somewhat challenging (clearly I need some lessons on hand sewing). So please don't look to closely at my stem... Here is a prettier picture from the Purl Bee of how the stems should look.

Despite my wonky stem sewing, I'm quite pleased with the end result (it is pretty cute, you've gotta admit that)....

... and so is Emma!

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