Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sourpatch Kid

Sourpatch kids. Mmmmmm. Doesn't the mere mention of the name make your mouth water just a little? I remember going to the movies as a kid with my friends where we'd stuff ourselves with movie theater popcorn and Sourpatch kids. Ah, youth.

Alas, the phrase above does not refer to the tart candy. It refers to my daughter, Emma, who is wearing my latest finished project, Sourpatch.

The pattern is from a wonderful website called Petite Purls, which offers articles and adorable and unique patterns for children for knitting, crocheting and also sewing. I must admit that I have several (and I mean several) of these cuties in my Ravelry queue. This pattern was my first complete project from the website and I'm delighted to report that I loved it! The "bubbles" (as the designer refers to them) are not bobbles or entrelac. They are created by (after knitting and increasing for 5 rows) dropping a stitch for 4 rows, then picking up the 5th row's stitch and knitting all the ladders  (created by dropping the stitch) and the new stitch together. It really is much easier than it sounds. Once you try it the first time, you'll have an "Ooooh! So that's what she means!" moment.

The pattern called for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn, a favorite of mine. And I fully intended buying said yarn when I walked into my local yarn shop, Studio Knits, a week or two ago. However, I came across something new and I swear I could hear it calling my name, begging me to buy it.

Sidar Snuggly's Baby Bamboo was a dreamy second choice. The colors in the store were so soft and creamy. They reminded me of the Sourpatch candy, covered in sugar, muting the candy's actual bright color. Yum. So, of course, I picked up several skeins and began the project that night. This yarn is so smooth and creates such a gorgeous drape. I was concerned that it might snag, but I didn't have any difficulties at all. The project took about a week to make and a couple days to block and dry. I highly recommend you checking out Petite Purls to see what cute (and might I add FREE) pattern could be in your knitting future.

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