Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gifts for Knitters

In a couple of weeks, my knitting group will be having one of our fabulous swaps. This one is themed: Fiction & Fiber. I know my recipient pretty well, so I had lots of fun picking out her gifts. However, all of my online browsing got me thinking... what would be a great gift for a knitter?


Of course, I bet you already knew that. Well, just in case you'd like to think slightly outside the box (or bag of yarn), then why not pick up something along that same theme?

Below you will find a few gift ideas for your knitting recipient. Christmas may be only 7 months away, but it is always good to get thinking early.

For the home:
Ginormous mug for knitters

Black Sheep Illustration

Bah Bah Black Sheep wrapping paper
Yarn Rocks glass
Knitters Hands Soaps Lotion Bar
Bah Bah Black Sheep notepad

To indulge her habit:

Amanda's Knitting Bag
Cakewalk Yarns
Elephant fabric covered buttons
Tiny Sheep Stitch Markers

For the Accessorizer:

Necklace for Knitters
Wireball earrings
iPhone case